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Step 1: Enrollment Registration
Only one (1) IBO Account per Family Household allowed - This is Strictly Enforced.

Step 2: Enrollment Purchase ($29.95 per year)
Step 2: Enrollment Purchase; includes:
ECOE Retail (Direct Sales) Web site

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E Virtual Office (Online Access)
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ECOE's IBO Direct Sales Program (the "Program") is available to international participants located around the world although some products and/or services (the "Products") may be limited to shipment to and/or receipt by residents of the United States and/or Canada only and/or involvement in certain portions of the Program may also be limited to U.S. Citizen and/or Canadian Citizen participants only; while ECOE stocks inventory of the Products offered and ships Products from the ECOE head office located in the State of Texas through the design of the ECOE Program the Products ECOE offers are generally products and/or services of third-party Companies to which ECOE holds either exclusive licensing and/or rights to market/offer/distribute and thus are subjected to the return and/or refund policies offered and/or stated by any given third-party Company from which the products and/or services originate; any ECOE Product offered that requires a physical site-installation (such as energy generation and/or energy storage devices) said Product's physical site-installation is provided through an ECOE quality approved and licensed third-party Company only; please observe the return and/or refund and/or physical site-installation policies (as posted by ECOE) of any such third-party Company before placing any Product order; the enrollment registration and purchase ("IBO Enrollment") is mandatory to obtain ECOE IBO status; each IBO Enrollment is deemed to be "Support Materials" and thus non-commissionable as set forth under U.S.A. Direct Sales industry law and in the event ECOE ships any physical media with any IBO Enrollment such physical media is able to be retuned to ECOE (at the IBO Enrollee's expense) for up to a ninety percent (90%) refund if retuned to ECOE in full and resalable condition within one (1) year of the original date of the IBO Enrollment; further restrictions, terms, conditions and/or availability and/or deliverability may apply on a case by case basis per region, state/province/territory and/or Country.
Step 1: Enrollment Registration
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